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Lets work together to build a better 19th Ward

Mike is passionate about our community and public service. He brings unmatched public safety credentials to the position of alderperson and looks forward to making our community a better place to live and prosper. Mike has the energy and desire to make these changes while filling the void in leadership he believes our community is missing. 

Mike will be visible in the 19th Ward, not only speaking with you but more importantly listening to you. This commitment will not only be apparent during election season but every season. He will work tirelessly to advocate for the needs of the community and will bring your voice back to City Hall.

Mike will be donating the first $50,000 of his salary back to our community by creating internships and supporting our local nonprofits and community organizations.

Mike has been a lifelong member of the community and served our community as a police officer for 35 years. He looks forward to continuing his service as the Alderperson of the 19th Ward.

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Mike Cummings

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